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Title:  "An Economic Argument behind the 2004 Federal Election
By:  Mr  Chris Mouratidis
Date Written:  16/11/04
             An article which explores the probable actions of voters towards
             the perceived interest rate scare campaign run by the incumbent
             Australian government in the recent 2004 federal election.

Click Here to Read The Article.

Title: "Macroeconomic Thoughts on the Prices and Incomes
Written By: Mr Chris Mouratidis
Date: June 2004.
An analysis and comparison between differing macroeconomic schools of thought in relation to the Australian government's 'wage and price guidepost' type policy lasting between 1983 and 1996.



Listed below are economic articles and essays that I have written or co-written on contemporary and/or historical economic issues. Most articles and essays apply economic theory to real world problems aiming to provide insight onto what the problem may be, and who, how and why the problem has arisen. Most but not necessarily all articles and essays will suggest solutions to the issues explored.

Articles and essays will be listed in chronological order with the most recent submissions listed first. Opinions and insights regarding the articles and essays I submit on this page are warmly welcome via the email address listed in the ‘contact us’ page. With permission, I am more than happy to publish opinions and insights with reference to the articles and essays I submit on this webpage.

  Chris Mouratidis - Promoting Economics.