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Listed below are book reviews that I have written or co-written on contemporary and/or historical economic issues, as well as other fields of thought such as political and historical publications. The book reviews that I will post aim to give readers an insight into what to expect out of the publications read.

Book reviews will be listed in chronological order with the most recent submissions listed first. Opinions and insights regarding my book reviews are warmly welcome via the email address listed in the ‘contact us’ page. With permission, I am more than happy to publish opinions and insights with reference to my book reviews.


List of Book Reviews

Title:  "Common Ground"
Author:  The Right Hon. Malcolm Fraser, AC, CH.
Publisher:  Penguin Books Australia Ltd
Year:  2002
Field:  Politics
                      This newly released publication, written by a past Liberal Prime
                 Minister, (Mr Malcolm Fraser,) is a captivating read full
                 of debate on some of Australia's most contentious political

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