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Personal Description

I am an economics and arts graduate, with honours in economics and an arts major in Australian politics. I reside in the city of Melbourne, Australia. Born in Australia from Greek immigrant parents, I am also fluent in speaking, reading and writing greek. My main endeavour is to promote the applicability and importance of economics to as many people as possible.

I studied at La Trobe University, Bundoora, Australia from 1999 until 2004, where I was given a vast array of economic tools from which I am now ready to use in the real world. With a particular interest in macroeconomics (but not confined to), I completed my honours year with a macroeconomics thesis that studied the possibility of a relationship between income inequality and macroeconomic volatility.

My non-economic hobbies include reading, jogging, playing cricket, table tennis, squash and electronic games, and collecting quality crystal ornaments. My non-economic interests include following, observing and discussing politics mainly at an Australian level, following Australian Rules Football where I support the Carlton Football Club, following Soccer/Football domestically and abroad, and volunteering where time permits to organisations of need.

About This Weblog

This weblog will list economic articles and essays on many issues, contemporary and historical, endeavouring to promote discussion, debate and thoughts using economic concepts. To do that, I aim to make economics as accessible as possible to those who are interested but lack the grounding of an economics education. By enabling that to occur through using simple and easy to understand concepts, I hope more people can understand why economics is an important part of a society.

  Chris Mouratidis - Promoting Economics.